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About Us
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Who We Are 

Southeastern Pennsylvania Society for Human Resource Management (SEPA SHRM) serves the needs of human resource professionals who live or work in the Greater Delaware Valley, including Northeast Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. SEPA SHRM has about 570 members, representing more than 200 organizations.  SEPA is an active chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), an international organization with more than 200,000 members.

Mission, Values, and Goals

Our mission includes being the voice of the profession on Human Resource Management issues in our Communities; furthering the body of knowledge and related competencies for the Human Resource profession; guiding the development and direction of the Human Resource profession; and the provision of cost-effective, high quality, dynamic and responsive programs and services, and a forum through which HR professionals can develop professional working relationships.

In addressing the issues precipitating the founding of our chapter, we agreed that we wanted our chapter to:

  • Incorporate the mission and goals of SHRM national;
  • Meet in areas that better served the HR Professionals who lived and/or worked in the N.E. Philadelphia, Bucks County, or Montgomery County (which included, therefore, people who lived and/or worked in the tri-state area);
  • Function as a transparent, inclusive, team-oriented Board and chapter, with high quality leadership; respecting differences and furthering the concepts of integrity, due process, and well-reasoned decision-making after open debate;
  • Be leaders in crafting the direction of the Human Resource Profession and its development as a critical, credible, and ethical influence on management and legislators;
  • Be leaders in providing professional development opportunities for our Board and membership;
  • Establish an organization that will enhance the development of professionals entering or relatively new to the HR profession by offering topical programs and access to leaders in the HR field;
  • Serve as leaders and role models for our own members and for other Boards and chapters;
  • Encourage H.R. leaders to contribute to their profession through involvement and support of SHRM chapters; and
  • Meet member needs through increased openness by the Board, open and inclusive interaction among members, high quality programs that reflect legitimate preferences and needs of the membership, and increased involvement by higher-level practitioners.



The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), formerly called the American Society for Personnel Administration (ASPA), was founded in 1948 by a group of just 28 individuals who anticipated the need for a national personnel organization. The goal in founding ASPA was to provide continued professional development opportunities for what the founding members recognized as a profession in transition, promote national networking, and to generally advance the interests of the profession.

History of SEPA SHRM 

The Philadelphia region was historically served by the Philadelphia Chapter of SHRM until 1993 when a new area Chapter was formed to meet the needs of HR professionals living and/or working in the Greater Delaware Valley, outside of Center City Philadelphia. On December 19, 2000, the Board of that Chapter approved a name change to SEPA SHRM (Southeastern Pennsylvania Society for Human Resource Management) to better reflect the growing membership and geographical boundaries.  In 2005, SEPA SHRM - until then an unincorporated association - incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Pennsylvania.  SEPA SHRM maintains its 100% affiliation with SHRM national, and adheres to the same high standards of conduct.

Why is There a SEPA SHRM?

In May 2007, members of the original Founding Board provided the 2007 SHRM Board with "A Guidance Communication for SEPA SHRM: Our Mission, Values, and Culture. The following is a summary of the guidance they provided to the Board:

In 1992 Susan Warner, J.D., SPHR was teaching the Villanova University Professional In Human Resource Management course at the Willow Grove Naval Air Warfare Station and other locations in Far N.E. Philadelphia, Lower Bucks County, and Eastern Montgomery County. Many of the HR professionals attending those classes complained that they could not attend the SHRM meetings held in Center City Philadelphia. They pointed out that the Villanova H.R. classes were the only opportunity they ever had to meet and exchange ideas with other HR professionals in their communities.

Concurrently, other concerns were being raised. As a result, numerous Human Resource professionals and leaders in the N.E. Philly/Bux-Mont area were encouraged to found a chapter that would constructively address these issues and provide an SHRM chapter that would further the mission and goals of SHRM National, the professional development of HR professionals, and the advancement of the credibility and professionalism of Human Resources as a profession.